Is working from home... working?

25 October 2020

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Making the decision to work remotely was an overnight necessity that many advertising agencies across
the world had to adhere to. Although trying to navigate and structure a seamless at home working
process had its difficulties, for some people, lockdown has had a positive effect on both their work and

We chatted to a couple W&Y co-workers and put together a list of personal and professional benefits
they experienced while creating content at home.

IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY  There seem to be a couple of points that fit under this one…

1. You can completely personalise a productive workspace. As creatives, most of us are pretty messy workers so having the option to lounge on the couch with mock-ups sprawled across the floor was a decision that allowed the brain juices to flow freely.

2. The #agencylife becomes more streamlined. A meeting with an art director might turn into a quick email and give you more time to prepare for the next job. Sometimes all it takes is for client service to pop the creative a message.

3. As much as we love to chat/gossip with fellow colleagues, distractions in the office sometimes get the better of us. Depending on your situation, working at home means fewer interruptions.

MORE FLEXIBILITY  There’s always something to do at home, whether it’s calling in a plumber or getting through a build-up never-ending laundry, working from home allows you to deal with the unexpected. If you’ve got a five-minute break between meetings, you can easily tackle your everyday todo list or make a yummy lunch from the comfort of your own kitchen. Let’s be real, most of us creatives need a good feeding to deal with the wonderful briefs we receive (joking not joking).

THE LITTLE THINGS Less commute stress – this may not seem like a big factor but for those travelling from afar, traffic, petrol fees and the hustle and bustle of city life can be a little distressing. Pyjamas all day – roll out of bed and straight into work mode, taking comfy to the next level (hopefully, take a shower first).

What about the disadvantages? Of course the brainstorms are tough, software challenges often arise and, to be honest, we miss our buds! That being said, it’s the best of both worlds that make our team the most productive. It’s a system we’ve made work for us. What started as organised chaos has now become a smoothly oiled machine. Whatever challenge the world throws at us, we handle it our W&Y.

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