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9 October 2020

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Hey, hi, welcome...

You’ve come to get to know the "Addams Family" a little better… We couldn’t be happier to have you. This is where you’ll find the word of the wise and the riveting pursuit of crazy, cool, fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we’re pretty serious about our work. We believe that you can have the best strategy and the best working environment in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it will come to life. After all, you bet on people, not on strategies.

We wouldn’t be who we are if it wasn’t for the unique OGs that make us W&Y. Put us in a room together and you’ve got yourself a party. As you know it takes all sorts to make this world go round, this is why we’ve got trance-loving pug-obsessors, fake-Gucci-dressed cricket players, dad bod rockers, kind-hearted sass pots and wordsmiths with a mean left hook.

Take Reino for example - he’s Dennis the Menace stuck inside a man’s body. From popping 360 flips on his skateboard to being nominated the office’s resident DJ (we’re not sure who made that decision), he’s a kick-ass creative with an eagle eye for detail, especially when it comes to skulls and lightning bolts.


Is it a bat? Is it an oversized rat? Nope it’s just one of Em’s million furchildren. She’s a hustler at heart who spends most of her days wondering how she can convince others that she needs another dog. Oh, and this furchild is called Jeff.

Don’t be fooled by the sweet face on Dumo- scratch that, this kind-hearted soul is all that and a bag of chips... Think chivalry is dead? Think again! Take his awesome talent, sweet personality and up-for-anything-attitude and you’ve got yourself the whole package.

Eff this effin eff? Sounds about right. Just kidding! As creatives, we're actually pretty needy in terms of inspiration. This is why our working environment at W&Y is made to be fun, weird, challenging and comfortable. Throw in some snacks and you've got yourself a deal. 

That’s not even half of us! It’s a little bit of madness and a whole lot of talent that makes us special. We can’t wait to meet you. Thanks for listening to our Ted Talk, see you soon.

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