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In the 2 week build up to Easter and in support of the the launch of the DEFY "Even Better Blog" W&Y were tasked with creating a virtual Easter Hunt that took users on cross-platform journey, searching for hidden clues on each platform. The objective being to build brand association and affinity during a time of need, while at the same time acquiring an engaged and active database.


For the past ten years, we have battled with the marketing side of our business. We have been through many agencies as well as freelance businesses to try and get the correct message across for our brand with not much luck. Our initial interaction with W&Y was a strategy session about our unique offering and the obstacles we face getting to our potential clients. Sometimes less is more, W&Y packaged our message so clearly and precisely that it was easy for our new customers to engage with us on all areas of our business. Completely happy with the outcome and the service, from start to finish.

Brad Swanepoel - Managing Director, Retail Detail